Full Version: FFHE '12 Official Cypher
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A couple of weeks old now, but just incase you missed it. I figured I'd share it here as I'm sure many of you were/are friends with @Charon and @Nefarious (and it's just fucking amazing)

  1. Dyme
  2. Trey (@Nefarious)
  3. Divine
  4. Mikasa (@Charon)

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I saw it in your siggie whe you first changed it. Sounds pretty good, mic quality can be upped a bit though. Overall it sou ds like you guys put some effort into it.
The rap was pretty good, brought back some memories (some good, some bad). Thought about making a FFH(omo)E cypher after hearing it but decided against it lol.
all parts were just godly
im inspired to rap