Full Version: Anyone else an Rdio subscriber/user?
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[Image: lpRqw5E.png]

Rdio is essentially a streaming music service with over 20 million songs. It is similar to Spotify,
but I prefer it mainly due to the fact that it's actually available in my country. It is compatible
with every platform you can shake a stick at, even Windows Phone! You can use it as a free
user for an unlimited amount of time, but you get full premium access for 14 days. After that,
you can listen to stations only (automatically-created playlists that adjust to your music style),
with a limited number of 5 skips on the station. Personally, I subscribe and it's totally worth it,
as it's helpful in finding new people I enjoy listening to (Pleasure P is the most recent). Check
it out, since it's free and all. Click the logo above to go to the home page!

Disclaimer: I do not work and am not affiliated in any way with Rdio, aside from being a paying subscriber.
Sounds good. I use both pandora and spotify, but this looks interesting. Thx for da post.
I used to, actually has some pretty great songs on there, stopped using it due to being a broke fuck ;P