Full Version: Old work (7-8 Months ago)
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So i was browesing a different and found this:

Quote:Whats up FM!!!
Cyan Here
and heres number 1 to a HUGE series!!

[Image: d88cbcffec28e2d5fe36ad6eaf2ab502.png?1362885166]

I had lot of fun making this! and love making backgrounds (Even though Youtube is gonna be gay and switch the layout)

Proof: (I guess?)
[Image: 4b798539c565abeb145667ef948bf68a.png?1363040177]

#Damn I sucked Tongue
Meh, I don't really like it. I prefer more clean work.
Haha you did suck lol that's toooo colorful
Holy shit this is terrible, I know you've gotten better though.
I don't like it. But I guess it was good for back then Wink
I should of said that was my 2nd background attempt Tongue lol Biggrin