Full Version: Exognesis -by- Rogue
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Please bare with me as I try to recreate this track. WEWEWQRWEOIUQTEWQFOKJFMAD ASFLJKHOPIHglajagoiJLkgjgpogjOIKJML;KMO[J.

Thank you for your time. Now for the real deal;

Pure dubstep, hard to find these days. Luckily Duby's good at finding it.
I'm more into chill step but this is literally music to my ears. Tongue
Yea Rogue stays pretty true actually, his Earth EP was solid. Monstercat releases are very rarely bad.
I've been following Rogue when his channel opened up, and his little brother was his promoter.
Always nice to see his work getting more and more popular.