Full Version: Diablo IV - Coming June 2023 (Trailer)
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Diablo IV is currently set to release June 2023. Hopefully it can make up for Diablo Immortal, which wasn't great.

As always, the cinematic is astonishing, but after all this shit they have pulled throughout the years and the recent article about developers leaving due to mismanagement, and crunch, I am just going to wait several weeks after release. The game is not going to go anywhere, but I doubt it is going to get released in a culminated state.
That ashen knight guy looks so badass
Open Beta will be starting mid-March.

The cinematic looks resplendent, but given how rocky the development of the game has been, plus Blizzard's recent track record when it comes to storytelling, game design and monetization, this is definitely a "wait and see" denomination for me.
I haven't played since Diablo II, and there's certainly a lot of due and undue hype surrounding Diablo IV. A friend of mine likened the gameplay to that of a mobile game, not sure how finished of a state that was in, but I'll consider trying it out.
Gameplay from the Beta:
Been with PoE since 2013 following the disastrous D3 launch and I've since changed my opinion of what the standard for ARPGs should be.
While I haven't been glued to the chair every league launch, I've still enjoyed many of them and acquired around ~3.5k hours played according to steam.

So trust me man, I've been awaiting D4 for years. Fuck, it feels like the blizzcon 2019 announcement was yesterday doesn't it? Can't believe IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! -yt bot

I returned to poe last summer after a 2 year hiatus and quickly found myself with a pissed girlfriendĀ  xD For those who don't know, Grinding Gear Games decided to completely destroy their game by completely revamping the loot system during a league reset, something that pissed off the entire player base. Their justification was that the scaling was getting out of hand, so they re-designed the skinnerbox to an isolation cell and removed the coke. Plenty of people have simply just burnt out endlessly grinding without reward and are starving for a new experience. Which is a good thing for D4, but man I really do hope that blizzard execs don't ruin this...

For the moment I've got far more important things on my plate than wasting my time on video games, but checking out the open beta is a necessity imho. Fingers crossed that it doesn't disappoint!