Full Version: MOONLION METAVERSE - play to earn up to $3500 per month
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Official launch of MOONLION METAVERSE. People, the day has finally come.
The day when absolutely every user using cryptocurrency will be able to earn big money. Without much effort, you can easily and quickly start earning every day in the MOONLION METAVERSE!
All you need to get started is to go through a simple registration, buy the best hero and withdraw your profits.
For those who build a team, the project has a very attractive affiliate program and team turnover with bonuses.
Registration on the site my ref link
Registration on the site link

It's a global metaverse provides users with countless opportunities to make real profits.
It is a place where NFT hero assets, weapons, virtual property skins, character modifications and more interact in a huge virtual economy and generate up to 2% profit every day.
• Site domain creation date: 01/05/2022
• Project start: 10/12/2022
• Deposit: The minimum amount is $100, the maximum amount is $10,000 per transaction in USDT (TRC20), BUSD (BEP20), USDT (ETH), USDC (POLYGON) cryptocurrency.
• Withdrawal of funds: weekly on Saturdays withdrawal from $10 to: USDT, BUSD, USDC, MOLI tokens.

3 steps to get started
1. REGISTER BUTTON. Click the "Register" button. Enter your details to quickly create a FREE account.
2. BUY A HERO. We offer different heroes; you need to choose the one that suits your financial goals. Make a deposit.
3. START EARNING After making a deposit, watch your capital grow, accumulating daily profits in real time.
Interest on deposits is calculated every 24 hours. The countdown starts from the moment the hero is purchased.

You can earn affiliate commission up to 5 levels deep.
7% -3% -2% -1% -1%
The partner reward will be transferred to your balance instantly.
Also, for the turnover of partners of 1 and 2 levels you will receive a bonus.
Team turnover only from referrals of the first and second level Earn even more with the team. For each closed stage, get an active cash bonus to your account for withdrawal:

1 Stage  - $50 000 Turnover = $1000 bonus + 25 000 Tokens MOLI
2 Stage - $ 150 000 Turnover = $3000 bonus + 125 000 Tokens MOLI
3 Stage - $ 400 000 Turnover = $8000 bonus + 300 000 Tokens MOLI $
4 Stage - $ 1 000 000 Turnover = $20 000 bonus + 500 000 Tokens MOLI

Join and earn registration
News project

The first promo video in the moonlion wasreleased. In the video we can see what will happen in the future

My personal account and my purchased heroes that generate daily income. Great project and great profit.
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oh fuck, cant belive this is really true. im doing this
The first hero of the Moonlion Metaverse
ROWDY - а tyrannical lion who always tries to make trouble and then flees without anyone noticing.
He has vivid colors and his favorite weapons are the sword and the axe.

To its owner - ROWDY  generates a profit of $ 29 per month.
Its price is $100.

Buy hero ROWDY

2️⃣ The second hero of the Moonlion Metaverse
INCUBUS - a demonic lion possessing the power of a wicked spirit able to flow freely between the Metaverse World.

⚔️Huge body, magical horns and its double axe combat weapon, gives a great advantage in battles.

💰To its owner - INCUBUS   makes a profit $145 per month + 500 tokens MOLI

🔥Its price is $500.

🎁Buy hero INCUBUS

The third hero of the Moonlion Metaverse
BERSERK - tall, muscular, light-hearted magician fighting toxic swords, conducting battle raids.

⚔️ Favourite fighting weapon two swords emitting poison. Strikes an opponent with ease.

💰To its owner - BERSERK makes a profit $300 per month + 1000 tokens MOLI

🔥Its price is $1000.

Buy hero BERSERK

👋 Hello friends!
We provide you with our project development roadmap for the next 2 years

🚀Learn, ask questions and go to the moon

💎Go to the roadmap

💎 Soon it will be possible to buy Moonlion lands.

🚀 Each owner of the land will be able to upgrade his hero and enhance his land area, with the opportunity to sell and earning

✅ Are you ready?

💎Go to the site registration