Full Version: Genshin Impact Made >$3 Billion on Mobile Alone
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Recent reports have highlighted just how much miHoYo has made from Genshin Impact. Previous titles like Honkai Impact/Guns Girl Z pale in comparison.

Quote:There’s a new update on Genshin Impact earnings, and it has to do with how much miHoYo earned due to mobile players. Sensor Tower’s latest report said it earned $3 billion worldwide. This money comes from people spending money on things like the Genesis Crystals currency and Gnostic Hymn premium battle pass. As a reminder, the game debuted back in September 2020 on Android and Apple iOS devices, as well as the PS4 and PC. Sensor Tower’s information doesn’t take the PS4, PS5, or PC versions into account.

This shows continued growth for the game. For example, one of the first updates noted that within the first two weeks Genshin Impact earned over $100 million. The mobile versions made $1 billion by March 2021. Sensor Tower also noted it made $2 million from mobile users’ purchases within a year of its release.

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I’m not even surprised, I knew the game was popular from the discord size alone. Never knew you can max out a discord server. It’s the most successful gacha game out right now, everything is done right.
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