Full Version: Cyberpunk 2077 - Enormous Patch
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There's been a large patch for Cyberpunk 2077, addressing AI issues and improving the driving. Looks pretty solid.

Quote:CDPR has announced and detailed a major new patch for Cyberpunk 2077 that has gone live, and the studio has clearly been hard at work on this one. The list of fixes, tweaks and additions are enormous, and cover everything from AI behaviour to re-balancing skills, adding new elements to the world, and pretty much overhauling the driving model. Night City is about to go through some big changes.


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This update is definitely another step in the right direction. I just can't help but shake how long this update took to release though. The last patch was back in September 2021, and the last major release was all the way back in August. Things are gonna need to start happening quicker before the game fades into irrelevance.

I am glad that CDPR is now at the point where they can finally begin adding features instead of fixing the already existing broken ones. AMD FSR for PC is a great example of this. From what I've seen so far, FSR in Cyberpunk can increase FPS by 15-20 FPS, with minimal quality loss. Which is huge for any title. Especially Cyberpunk 2077. And there's finally character customization past the very beginning of the game.

I think this update has constituted a reinstall from me.
I can see 2077 aging like No Man's Sky, where after couple years of TLC it'll be great. I didn't have the same performance issues others did, but the AI/driving were easily the worst qualities. Still enjoyed it, despite its major flaws.
In addition to other features, CDPR partnered with Nvidia to provide more enhanced ray-tracing:

Will be neat to try out on my 3090.