Full Version: Dread Outsells Every Metroid Title
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Haven't played a Metroid title in at least 10 years, but it sounds like Dread did very well.

Quote:Metroid Dread has enjoyed a strong first week in Japan and already outsold nearly every other instalment in the region in its opening few days.

That’s according to the latest Japanese sales data collated by Famitsu, which shows that Dread sold some 86,798 copies during its first three days on sale, making it the best selling game for the week ended October 10.

According to website Game Data Library, which collates Japanese sales data since 1995, Dread smashed the first-week sales record for every instalment released during this period (data for the first three Metroid games is not included).

The data also suggests that in just three days Dread has already outsold the lifetime sales of nearly every Metroid game in Japan, excluding Fusion (2003), Hunters (2006) and the original Metroid (data for Super Metroid and Metroid II isn’t available).

Because the Famitsu sales data only includes physical sales, Dread’s first-week sales will have been even higher when digital is taken into account.

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