Full Version: Genshin Impact 'unheard of' success'
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Genshin Impact has just recently reached it's 1st anniversary, after being released on PC, mobile and Playstation on 28/09/2020. One of the many games that released during lockdowns scattered over the globe, data has shown it was the third largest earner in mobile games in the world. Apparently it has made a whopping $2 billion from mobile alone.

"EA titles like FIFA quite regularly make considerable amounts of money, but that's got the power of EA behind it and many years of video game marketing," video game and tech journalist Jess Weatherbed tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

"Genshin was a real shock because it just came out of nowhere in the pandemic with seemingly no marketing, especially in the West.
"Within a matter of weeks, it was all over popular streaming platforms like Twitch, it was on most mobile phones of a certain age group. It was practically unheard of for a game to come out of nowhere and be that successful."

And it landed in the middle of a global pandemic, which may also have helped the game find a fanbase.

"It was almost like a rescue remedy for people that were desperately lonely and wanted something to do with their time." says Jess.
"I was entrapped in it with several of my friends for many months."
Developers Mihoyo keep players interested with updates to the game every few weeks.

That money is made through in-game purchases of randomised items, a bit like loot boxes, which is why the game isn't fully available in places like Belgium, where things like this are banned because it's considered a form of gambling.

You might have seen something similar in games like FIFA where, after spending your money to buy the game, you can then drop even more to get the players you want on your team. Except here, instead of trying for Premier League strikers, you're trying to get a flame-hurling lawyer or an icy exorcist to join your crew - and you're only guaranteed to get them after a spending a variable amount of in-game currency.

Spoiler: The newest region that was released: Inazuma
It is a good game veraciously and I am not surprised it is doing well, but I would not have thought that it would do this well money-wise.
(10-04-2021, 06:18 PM)Party Pete Wrote: [ -> ]It is a good game veraciously and I am not surprised it is doing well, but I would not have thought that it would do this well money-wise.

It's a bit of a surprise. I've been playing a fair amount recently. I don't think you need to spend big bucks to get some decent characters. Ofc, you won't have as nice a time as those who do, but it's definitely possible to play and have a decent collection of people for less than I'd spend on a WoW subscription in a year. We're talking likely what, £100 for WoW for a year. You could spend only that, or even £50 and still have a few 5*s by the end of the year I think.

I've only been playing a bit though, so Oni could probably clarify better.