Full Version: Genshin Impact - 3D Billboard in China
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Genshin Impact has a 3D billboard in China, which features Barbara waving at passerby. Blame the whales, they paid for it.

Quote:Mondstadt’s favorite idol Barbara has been busy promoting Genshin Impact in the game’s native country of China with a huge 3D billboard. In the short video that is making rounds on Bilibili (and is also available on YouTube), Barbara opens a window and waves at the crowd, reaching out at times to catch a Crystalfly. [Thanks, Hanabi Network and Luankana!]

According to Luankana, their miHoYo friend sent this into their friend group. Whether they mean their friend who enjoys miHoYo games or an actual acquaintance who works at miHoYo is a little unclear. The Genshin Impact Barbara 3D billboard seems to be in Chengdu Taiguli in the Jinjiang district. Aside from collecting a Crystalfly, Barbara also opens up a slime gift to reveal an ad for Genshin Impact.

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This is actually so sick! I wish I could be there to see it in person.
I'm sorry that the video has an error and I can't watch it.