Full Version: Valve's Steam Deck to Use Arch Linux
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Valve's new Steam Deck will be shipping with Arch Linux. Originally it was scheduled to have Debian, but Steam has opted for bleeding edge over stability. Hopefully more games will have Linux support, as a result.

Quote:Although the Steam Deck is capable of running Windows—currently the premiere PC gaming operating system—it won't ship that way. Like Valve's earlier Steam Machine effort, the Deck will ship with a custom Linux distribution instead.

Shipping on Linux cuts manufacturing costs for Steam, insulates the company from competition with the Microsoft Store on Windows, and avoids exposing Steam Deck players to the world's premiere malware ecosystem—which also runs on Windows.

Valve's custom Linux distribution is called "SteamOS." In earlier versions (such as those shipped on the Steam Machine), SteamOS was based on Debian Linux. But the Steam Deck's SteamOS 3.0 is abandoning Debian to rebase on Arch Linux instead.

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Depending on the popularity of this, I can see a major push for developers/publishers making sure their stuff runs on Proton.
Some more information on the Steam Deck:

Joysticks look awkwardly placed.