Full Version: Music on FM Radio
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The availability of music on FM Airwave, the Internet-based radio station of LA-based independent music group Flaix FM, is both a blessing and a bane. The positive side is that one can now listen to music played on radio through computers or mobile phones. As technology advances, we are also seeing more music on FM. There are more than a few artists who have found fame or fortune on such a station.

But one should be careful when tuning in to any radio station that plays music that one does not like. Music on FM is subjective and is dependent on the preferences of the listeners. This is because there is no standardized code of music on any radio station. In fact, the artists or bands themselves create the music that appeals to a majority of people.

For an example, there is none in the music on Flaix FM. If one prefers hip-hop, R&B or another type of music, they will hear it on the airwaves. But if they want classical, they might not tune into that station. Perhaps they do not even know what a classical radio station sounds like. This can lead to some frustration.

However, those who are musical can appreciate the variety of music on FM. One can switch from one station to another. They can switch from one song to another. And they can even sample the music on FM by tuning into the internet radio. The internet-based radio can offer a variety of music on demand. And one can even request specific songs for play.

With this said, the first thing that someone should ask is what is the playing time of the radio. Because of technological advancement, the first song that will be played is the one that is advertised first. So if you are out late one night and would want to know if there is a song that will be available to play, you have your answer. The answer is yes. In fact, there is usually a set of songs that will be available on air every night.

When looking for music on FM, you do not only have the choice of commercial-type music but you also have the option of rap, rock, folk, jazz, country and other music genres. Of course, you can also choose not to listen to any music at all. There is actually a free radio station that can be streamed online. Through this, anyone will be able to enjoy music without having to pay for anything. This means a more relaxed way of listening to music. What is more, it is an excellent way to get updated with new music on the internet everyday.