Full Version: New Personal Logo
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Hey guys,
I've been needing a new personal logo for my freelance graphic design.
I wanted something that mixed abstract elements with an initial signature type logo.

I came up with this.
Z and G in the same letter conforming to most angles and prospectives.
[Image: ZGDesgin.jpg]

If you're interested in seeing the process through design:
[Image: ZGDesign-Process.jpg]

Let me know what you all think,
Quote:Let me know what you all think
Based on the above, I've moved this from the Graphic Design forum to Feedback.

That aside, considering what you started off with to achieve the result, you've done a wonderful job.
Looks great nice job and I also like your forum profile image also. I been trying to find / come up with a logo for my username but just seems to be hard for me. Maybe if you could pitch me some ideas ? But all in all great work and keep up the amazing job!
looks pretty decent man. I know you were gunning for a more personalized logo. but I like the one in your avi alot more
Love the gradient. Good job