Full Version: [HUGE Mega-Pack] All cracking Tools By Fudmario
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Hey guys,
After many unsuccessful download attempts and a sh*t load of short links, ridiculous pop-up adds that led absolutely no where.
I finally got my hands on this crack pack.

MEGA PACK ---  All cracking Tools

[Image: Wra0Vr4.jpg]
[Image: gVltUZo.jpg]
[Image: jbnT09Z.jpg]
[Image: 25BLPcr.jpg]

TONS of cracking tools, account checkers, proxy scrapers, combination utilities. So I wanted to share with everyone!
Link 1:
Link 2:!YvxVCKSJ!TnpU8RHj5vZjP...7YcrUFudBg
The pack is large(2.3G) so I wasn't able to upload it on virus total - I have it running in my VM so please be safe and do the same. VM or sandbox it. If anyone has a virus total alternative for larger files, Let me know and I will upload it.
Original content is by fudmario.
Have fun  xD
I actually had this pack and somehow lost It during my data transfers.

Hitting the download now.
Much appreciate the direct links too.
Wow, amazing pack, thanks mate!!!
thnx man1234567891234good7
Leaving this comment so I can download later. Thank you.
Hopefully these aren't infected. I guess if you don't trust the executable's you can always run them in Sandboxie, your scan them yourself. Packs like these are too big for one person to scan. At least you gave a direct link!
(09-20-2019, 05:58 PM)Drako Wrote: [ -> ]Hopefully these aren't infected.

I've ran It In my VM and (for testing purposes), had my AV enabled. It alerted with almost every execution.

Regardless of the source, always run tools of this nature In a controlled environment.
Leaving this comment so I can download later. Thank you.
(09-24-2019, 05:16 PM)mantop2020 Wrote: [ -> ]Leaving this comment so I can download later. Thank you.

I would recommend you not download this pack. Another user scanned the files, and he's positive the files are infected. I'd look elsewhere for cracking tools. You can always use the search function.
Ran the tools in sandboxie and nothing worked no buttons do anything the only thing that did work was the link to sandboxie.
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