Full Version: What OS are you using?
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I am using Win 10 before it I was using Win 8.1 which was better for me but I was forced to upgrade to Win 10 because Win 8.1 drivers weren't compatible with my graphic card AMD Radeon RX 580 (4GB Version)
I have various Linux distros running on my VM.

In terms of my main form of usability, Windows 10.
Normally I'm running Pop_OS / Arch as my main OS and Windows for photoshop, games etc
Liveboot from whatever thumb drive I grab up in the morning
windows 10 and deepin OS Biggrin
Windows 10 pro but will all the spyware and junk cleared,
Lubuntu (No not a typo) on my virtual machine, but it's sooo smooth I almost want to make it my main OS.
I'm using windows 10 and i use kali linux and windows 8 in my vm.
For me it's Windows 10 Pro. Of course, I got it when the upgrade was free (I don't understand why Microsoft did that). As for my secondary, it's of course Kali Linux. I have it on a live boot instead of a VM or dual boot.
Windows 10 and Debian.
Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8 Pro and Void.
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