Full Version: PvP
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How good are you when it comes to PvP?
When it comes down to PVP i own everyone just saying on
I'm not the best. But I can win a few fights.
if {forcefield} active add
I'm actually quite good. I hot key, strafe, and just use my special combo :3
Jump + Right click and attack = Criticals, but you don't get much damage.
My IGN is xCookiePvPx by the way, Tongue
I normally don't die unless it is like a 4 v 1 . Sadly, on Cursecraft and Borderlands, I can't PVP anymore as I am now Admin.
I'd say I am decent without forcefield and OP with forcefield (obviously).
Haven't used any hack clients in a while though. Playing the game legit is more fun.