Full Version: WTS Crypt service $5
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I am offering crypting service for your Stub.

I work with .net and native files on 64bit & 32 bit Windows Systems

Options: Install, Persistence, Startup, Binder, Melt, ....

Just send me a download link to the file you want crypted and your specific options, if you want it bound to another file with installation , persist and delay etc.
I will send you a crypted version right after payment (BTC, ETH, XMR)

Terms of service:
- Do NOT upload to virustotal.
- I'm not responsable for what you use this for.

I want to crypt this file......................., bind with xxxx.exe (in rar named xxxx.exe), with icon(in rar named yyyy.ico), version info(xxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx), install to appdata, registry startup.

Vouch copy possible, payment after delivery only for trusted users
Still selling... 100% FUD