Full Version: my main hackforums ub3r account
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hello i really need money right now, going through some shit. i don't use hackforums anymore and i have a account with these stats and im willing to sell it and i heard that this forum accepts selling HF accounts, my posts on other forums keep getting instantly deleted. please PM me if interested also are there middle men here? thanks!

also i know a way to mask your IP as mine with a simple trick, if you're scared to get banned from their IP checks.

- account is old (January 2016)
- no scam reports.
- 800+ posts
- no negative reputation (popularity)
- 200+ bytes
- 1 award (ub3r award)
oh i forgot the BIN: 40$

still up for sale!
still up for sale! and ready to take orders
Still looking for a buyer!
You've got no proof that you own this account.
Oh gosh... The time I spent on hf, I probably have a few accounts that are l33t and just chilling. If people are in the market for these, I'll sell.
(03-10-2019, 01:16 AM)MimiE Wrote: [ -> ]You've got no proof that you own this account.

I'm obviously not going to put the username publicly, it could get banned.
But yeah it's my main account.
Is it have any positive rep?
(03-23-2019, 12:13 AM)Gh3ST Wrote: [ -> ]Is it have any positive rep?

Yes alot of positive rep, no negatives at all
uhm im still looking for a buyer ;-;
anything would work
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