Full Version: Starbucks Accounts with GiftCard Balance 15%
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Had a pleasant surprise. It took me some time but went ahead and just used it. I forgot it was in USD so I thought I had to pay the difference, but my $10 us card still has $2 USD on it so that's awesome. The account worked fine almost a month later with the balance. No complaints, I look forward to buying some when the semester starts!
íh he has scammed you, please open a scam report, please.
(12-01-2018, 09:03 PM)Altair Wrote: [ -> ]Hey,

I'm selling Starbucks accounts with GC balance on them. I have many accounts in different amounts up to $100/account.

I'm selling for 15% of the GC balance.
(ex. I will sell an account with $10 balance for $1.5)
In order to buy;
PM me or add me on skype: whit3.cracker

sent pm on skype
Is this service still available?
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