Full Version: Asking Alexandria - From death to destiny
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I just downloaded this, so I decided to share it with Sinisterly.
Since I know some of you like metal.

Songs included:
Quote:1. "Don't Pray for Me" 4:40
2. "Killing You" 3:11
3. "The Death of Me" 4:18
4. "Run Free" 4:10
5. "Break Down the Walls" 3:31
6. "Poison" 3:46
7. "Believe" 4:31
8. "Creature" 3:14
9. "White Line Fever" 3:43
10. "Moving On" 4:02
11. "The Road" 3:27
12. "Until the End" (feat Howard Jones) 4:30
13. "The Death of Me" (Rock mix)

Download: - CoinURL Smile!OQB1AT5I!NzDntV9ARe...3kxm4enesM - Direct Sad

It was too large to upload on virustotal, so you get this instead.
[Image: 16284bc533.png]
I don't want this but did the coin URL for u Smile
(07-30-2013, 02:07 AM)Complibur Wrote: [ -> ]I don't want this but did the coin URL for u Smile

Thanks Biggrin
Nice share. Not sure how I missed this.
I just bought it, but thanks for this I guess.
Thanks. I fucking love the rock version of Death of Me, was listening to it a lot yesterday,