Full Version: Starbucks Giftcards
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I hope you guys (and gals, Hello!) didnt OD on your Halloween candy as I've got a treat for ya!
I am selling Starbucks Giftcards for USA and Canada! (admin, please let me know if this is OK, thank you)
These gift cards are double checked, secured balances, they never stop working, they never die.
You'll get a 16 digit starbucks Giftcard code which can be used to purchase anything in store. Please PM to add me onto Discord or Telegram.
VOUCHES: A total of 3 vouch copies will be provided to ELIGIBLE HQ members only. Members must vouch and add a photo of receipt and what they ordered using my giftcards.
I can vouch for you if you'd like.
Add me on discord if interested
I'm going on holiday very soon to Turkey, they have Starbucks there will you be able to provide a gift card? If so I'll take a vouch copy too Smile

Goodluck with sales.
I want a vouvh copy too Smile
Long shot, but is this still available?
(11-02-2018, 07:53 AM)DragonicRek Wrote: [ -> ]I can vouch for you if you'd like.
Add me on discord if interested

Did you end up receiving a vouch?

There's no feedback whatsoever for this service.