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vCapture - Capture Screen as JPEG Frames #1
[Image: eHRJg.png]

This App is made in VB6 to make sure there is NO quality loss in Screen-captures which I used to get when I had to capture something as GIF.
You can:
  • Choose JPEG quality from 1-100
  • Choose FPS (Frames Per Second of the Capture)
  • Choose Screen Capture Type (Active Window or FullScreen)
  • Choose optional Time-limit for the Capture

  • Configure accordingly
  • Press 'Go'
  • Click on the Window you want to Capture. (Doesn't matter where you click if you chose to capture Screen)
  • Press Escape for Stopping the Capture.

Inside the Archive, is also a FramesViewer application also made by me to view Frames generated as a Video. I will later merge both these apps and add video-output options.
Currently for making an output you will have to use Photoshop.

Credits to:
  • Anonymous guy who made the JPEG class and Module.
  • [link=]TheVBZone's Screen Capture Module[/link]

[hide][link=]Download from MediaFire[/link][/hide]
[Image: rytwG00.png]
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