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hello everyone it was just to tell you to stop using virustotal yes after several analysis it was discovered that virustotal sends all your viruses to the best known company as avast windows defender the worst so I suggest you a new site who does not share the viruses that you had made to the other

here is the website: https: //
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RE: hey hey #2
This Isn't anything new.

Virus Total and back In the days of NVT (NoVirusThanks), have been distributing samples for years. Even those that claim to not distribute, shouldn't be trusted In It's entirety.

Not all users are aware though, so thanks for the heads-up.
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RE: hey hey #3
It's logic that they distribute, if you'd look at their terms you'd also know that. They aren't secretly sending samples or anything, everyone knows. If you don't want it to be distributed, use NoDistribute like you said.

VirusTotal still gives the best analysis of the tool (apart from your own brain), so I still highly recommend the site if you just want to be safe, and not try out a RAT or crypted program.
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