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filter_list getting DDoSed
RE: getting DDoSed #71
(Yesterday, 05:01 PM)Jiggly Wrote:
(08-18-2018, 04:08 PM)mothered Wrote:
(08-18-2018, 01:57 PM)Jiggly Wrote: That's nuts. I still think we should be taught more about these things in schools. IT classes have always been embarrassingly behind the times, but  security and awareness of such, should be intertwined with curriculum. Even at college level. Surely a Business Management degree would benefit from a course that teaches people to consider how they test their security and to plan to adapt security measures over time.

I don't have any certifications nor have I attended a single minute of schooling In the IT sector, so I wouldn't know what Is/Isn't covered.

I certainly agree that all facets of security training and awareness, Inclusive of exploitation, should be covered. To defend against attacks, you need to know how to execute them yourself. That Is, to protect against hackers, you must also be a (ex) hacker.

Not even in high school or below? We had IT/ICT as a subject in school from the moment we could read/write. Interesting.

I'd certainly benefit from learning more. Comparative to members here, I know very little. However, I've found that I know a lot more than many of my peers IRL, and that concerns me.

I've attended high school but did not finish the final year.

Schooling significantly helps when problematic Issues come to hand. I'm self-taught with computing, so I'm basically my own teacher which was very difficult In the beginning, but patience and perseverance got me through and still does.
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