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Xbox Achievements/Gamer Score #1
I've been back to playing the Xbox in my free time and have been focusing on completing achievements and gaining game score.

For those who also play the Xbox, do you generally not care for them? Do you play the games to get the achievements/game score, but you don't mind too much/go chasing after the hard ones? Or do you play the games and become obsessed trying to obtain 100% gamer score from the game?

What is everyone's gamer score? I'm just about to hit 12-thousand.
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Jim Carroll


RE: Xbox Achievements/Gamer Score #2
I'm currently at 34560, and have had the same account for over 10 years now. I used to care about gamerscore and getting achievements, but now I usually don't even look at what they are. I just play and if I get an achievement, cool. The one exception is Rocket league because that's one of the only games I play. I went through and completed all of the achievements just because I play it so damn much.

I do remember back in the day, all of the EA games would have like 6 stupid easy achievements for 100-300 gamerscore each. I'd go out the blockbuster (haha) and rent the game, get the achievements, and return it. That was also back when you could look at someone's gamerscore and have a decent guess whether they were good at the game or not, so I tried to keep raising my score.

I wished actually did more with the achievements system, like gave you store credit after you hit certain milestones and such. Of course, it's M$ though, nothing is free unless it was released years ago.


RE: Xbox Achievements/Gamer Score #3
Currently going for 100% in dark Souls 3 - 4 achievements off.

Msg me for Gt.
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RE: Xbox Achievements/Gamer Score #4
i used to be all about achevements on 360 not so much on the one i think i 100 away from 30k atm


RE: Xbox Achievements/Gamer Score #5
sitting somewhere around 40k, but ive had the account since the early 360 days


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