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RE: Windows 10 and Linux #31
I found that after a while of using only Linux, I simply removed Windows as most, if not all things that are on Windows can be ran in Wine, or there is an open source alternative on Linux.

However I don't play many games that require Windows over Linux and the ones that I did play that require Windows I got bored of quickly and stopped playing. In all honesty I find the biggest hinderance of moving from Windows to Linux was getting the hang of the UI however after installing I3, BSPWM, then sticking with I3 and Polybar/i3Blocks and Dmenu, it hit me that it's my computer and my menus, not some shit that Micro$oft shat out and dealt on a wooden platter.

My recommendations, learn python, it helps a ton when customizing your own menus, from there, if you still really want Windows 10 you can simply use PCI Passthrough (running two os's on one PC) that way you can just swap between windows and linux instantly.

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