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filter_list Why should I install Linux?
RE: Why should I install Linux? #51
I use Linux because I can customize anything on it, and its more secure, as their are less viruses and users, so its less targeted.


RE: Why should I install Linux? #52
been using linux for about 10 years now. usally always have it on my laptops, and use desktop for windows and gaming. though i'm real bad at distro hoping but pretty much always come back to ubuntu, just for the fact its easy to use and works with pretty much all hardware. i also have a real bad habbit of stripping down ubuntu to almost nothing and building it back up haha. why i don't just get debian i have no idea. but like everyone else has said, the freedom over your device is why i use it. i want full control over what i pay for.
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RE: Why should I install Linux? #53
What I tend to do, Is create around 10 VMs and Install different Linux Distros on each one.

I compare the lot, and discard (by simply deleting the VHD with a click of the mouse) those that're not suited to my usability.
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RE: Why should I install Linux? #54
Maybe I'll seem selfish (a bit Wink ), but there's no way I'm going to read six pages of answers to check whether what I want to say has already been written. Probably has. Oh well, I'm still doing it.

If we're talking about Linux in general, I'd argue that the main two differences between most Linux distributions (A.K.A operating systems) and Windows are
  1. Software is mostly open-sourced in Linux.
  2. The file system is different.
Allow me to elaborate on both of these points.

1. Open-sourced software
Open-sourced software is software the code of which is freely available on the internet. It is usually a good thing because you can be almost 100% sure it doesn't spy on you or something, but this can be troublesome at times.

From experience, I know some open-sourced software lags and bugs sometimes. Multiple times, I've had a program just crash on me.
This usually isn't the case (again, I'm only talking about my own experience) for closed-source software that Windows is full of.

2. Different file system
I honestly do not know whether I should call this the "file system", the "file tree" or something else, so (what the hell) I'll simply explain.

In Windows, you have drives, folders (directories) and files. File extensions are explicitly mapped with programs, which means that if you create a .txt file and change its extension to .mp3, Windows will try to open it with a music player because it automatically detects the extension.

In Linux, you have drives, partitions, folders (directories) and files. For the most part, file extensions aren't mapped to programs (with some exceptions). If you create a .txt file and you change its extension to .pka (which is associated to Packet Tracer in Windows), Linux will still open it in a text editor if you double-click on it.

Also, the folder and file structure in Linux is very, very, very different from the one Windows has.

As for specific Linux distros, there are many different ones. Some are adapted for an everyday use (like Windows and MacIntosh Wink ), while others have specific uses.

For example, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for everyday usage. There are no special tools, it is more like an alternative to Windows and Mac. However, Kali Linus is a distribution that is specifically designed for penetration testing and ethical hacking. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of hundreds of various Linux distros. Each has its own style and use.

To pick the distro you want, I recommend There, most Linux distros are categorized and details about them are stored. You can also find .iso files download links.

I hope I was helpful ^^
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RE: Why should I install Linux? #55
Some advantages of Linux that I like:
Lightweight(Can run on a potato) and Secure


RE: Why should I install Linux? #56
Linux best OC for dark work or hacking


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