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Whats the safest browser ? filter_list
RE: Whats the safest browser ? #21
It depends, everyone has a different definition of security and since you didn't really specify your needs, it's very hard to give you a tailored "secure browser". Web browser gets changed constantly and so does the security. However, I'd recommend you to start off here, it's a great site that I've used in the past and can strongly recommend.

Other than that,
Waterfox a fork of Firefox, Icecat or Iridium are solid alternatives.

If you want to harden Firefox, you have this amazing guide or use Ungoogled Chromium.

It is hard to safe what is the safest, it depends on what you are using it for.
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Ransomware is more about manipulating vulnerabilities in human psychology than the adversary’s technological sophistication.


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