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filter_list What is a defining point in your life
RE: What is a defining point in your life #31
A defining point in my life would be the first time I wrote a program so complicated that it completely crashed my 386 running nothing but DOS. I suddenly realized I could hide complex, systematic tools of destruction inside what seemed to be normal, healthily operating programs.
Once W 3.1 came out and I ended up with a GUI, it seemed the simplest thing in the world to transfer the still relevant world of DOS and BASIC into Windows and fuck all that shit up too.

I believe my first virus was a simple cloner written in BASIC. It just had to be opened once and it would begin cloning 32 byte files until the hard drive became full or the RAM locked right the hell up.
Not too bad for a single digit aged kid.

My 386 crashing started my obsession with breaking systems so I could talk to the original builders and help them make their systems better. As "black hat" became more and more of a thing you did NOT want to be, I got less and less work helping rebuild shit I broke til it simply became about breaking shit for its own sake. Biggrin
Screw it.


RE: What is a defining point in your life #32
my soulmate coming into my life when i was 16. <3 done more than anyone can ever imagine


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