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filter_list What are your favourite Nintendo devices?
What are your favourite Nintendo devices? #1
I still have my DSi XL, with Lego Rock Band, Lego Battles, and a variety of other games on it. I also have a Wii console, but unfortunately, I think Nintendo completely ditched support for those.

Which Nintendo devices do you own, and which are your most favourite?


RE: What are your favourite Nintendo devices? #2
I still have the old school Nintendo 64 In the closet from the 90s, and haven't touched It since.

When I went overseas at the time, I picked up a Nintendo cartridge that contains 300 games with unlimited lives. Galaga, Space Invaders etc. A lot of fun at the time.
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RE: What are your favourite Nintendo devices? #3
Nintendo Switch, Gameboy GBA SP, Nintendo Lite
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RE: What are your favourite Nintendo devices? #4
I've got a list so it's going in a spoiler tag

Spoiler: Nintendo Stuff
Gonna try to do this chronologically but if I mess up feel free to correct me. Don't remember too well but I think I put pictures in a different thread on here if you want to see most of it.
  • Game And Watch - Donkey Kong Jr. (The tabletop/panorama model)
  • Famicom x3 (One square-button, two round-button)
  • NES x3 (All from Action Sets)
  • Game Boy (The old DMG one)
  • SNES x2
  • Game Boy Pocket (Silver)
  • Virtual Boy
  • Game Boy Light
  • Game Boy Color x2 (One Dandelion and one Blue)
  • Nintendo 64 x2 (both black)
  • Game Boy Advance (Purple)
  • Game Boy Advance SP x2 (Both Graphite AGS-101)
  • Nintendo DS Lite x4 (Three are broke from 6-year-old me, all in black except the working one with a aftermarket clear case)
  • Wii x2 (Original white model and a Mini)
  • Wii U (Black Super Mario Bundle)
  • Switch (With the red and blue Joy-Cons)

And out of that my favorite is still the Famicom/NES, more leaning towards Famicom - Sure the controller cords are short but whatever, long PSU and RF switch wires make up for that. I like the small form-factor cartridges compared to the NES, there's tons of interesting expansions from the Family Keyboard to some of the more odd stuff like the Barcode Battler, there's so many games with a decent amount of innovative ones for the time like Gimmick, and the floppy disk system (or just FDSStick on a RAM Pack) is pretty sweet. On top of all that it's still cheap from Japan, mine with cartridges was just under $30 shipped, and if you have a TV that'll hit channel 96/97 or can A/V mod the thing then with a flashcart I'd say it's one of the best ways to play the old NES/Fami library. Second to that is the N64 because Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are my stuff and then past that they're pretty much all good, even the Virtual Boy, so I don't know how to rank those.
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RE: What are your favourite Nintendo devices? #5
Nintendo switch all the way


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