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RE: What Browser do you use? #111
Mainly IE but I use Firefox occasionally due to the addons available.


RE: What Browser do you use? #112
I use Firefox.. is safe and fast... yes chrome is that too but I prefer the first one...


RE: What Browser do you use? #113
Chrome primary web browser and Firefox as back up. Surprising Microsoft is building a new web browser for Windows 10, may kill off Internet Explorer.

Just before the first Windows 10 Technical Preview, there were some rumblings that the future version of Internet Explorer (12) might support extensions, and that it would have a reworked interface. Now, their's are reports from fairly reliable sources that there may actually be two different browsers that ship with Windows 10: Internet Explorer 12, and this new Spartan browser. Neither of these browsers (if they exist) have yet made an appearance in the public Technical Preview, but presumably they would have to emerge quite soon if they want to debut with the final build of Windows 10.

Personally, I’m not entirely sure how Microsoft would go about accomplishing a lightweight version of Internet Explorer. IE11 is already fast and lightweight. It has a few user experience and interface oddities that need to be cleaned up, but that could be done without a whole new browser. Another possibility is that Microsoft is actually working on more of a general rebranding as in, a hip new interface and name that puts some distance it and ye olde Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer hasn’t really been “IE” since IE9, when Microsoft started to embrace HTML5 and the open web, but I’m sure many people still avoid IE because of the stigma attached to its name, thanks to the scourge upon humanity that is IE6.

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