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WTS 4-yrs ghost NETELLER & ADVcash accounts filter_list
WTS 4-yrs ghost NETELLER & ADVcash accounts #1
WTS 4-years old FULLY A-Z verified (even at the bank side to lift the withdrawal limits to the maximum possible!) NETELLER & ADVCash accounts.

I provide every information for each of the accounts, such as:

Email (gmail!) + pass + sec. answer to change pass
RDP IP used (i don’t provide access to the RDP used but I do provide the source where you can rent the very same RDP for $30 a month)
Each of the photos submitted for the verifications (ID, DL, Proof of Address bills & selfies)
Phone numbers used to verify
Previous card details (full!) for additional information
Account ID
Secure ID
Security Questions + Answers

I have 8 accounts for sale in-total and the price is negotiable.

Please note these are ghost accounts fully setup , verified and ready to do business with.
You don’t need to do nothing with them but to use for business.

The limit is the sky with these accounts as I have aged them properly with my own transactions. (€5k transfers , physical cards were sent to drops which have been used & verified)
- furthermore, these accounts are 4 years old !

We can use a well known and reputable middle-man if needed. I don’t mind escrow if it ensures your piece of mind! Smile

Please don’t PM me with offers of $30 each as you cannot even buy a single photoshopped scan for such an amount while each of these accounts come with 4-6 photos, including a selfie.
As well as, you cannot just verify a NETELLER account by submitting forged scans as they are ain’t stupid.. they require a selfie, a proof of address, a clean IP and lots of calls-in to get their robot off you.

They are UK accounts, as a result NETELLER accounts come with £ currency but ADVCASH is in €.

Please note they are burned on UK amazon because of previous refunds but they have never been used anywhere else.
Not even on PayPal!

Please leave your contact here so I can get in touch with you!


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