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RE: Vape Underage #11
(06-26-2019, 06:27 AM)HJDKM Wrote: Don't start smoking/vaping dude. Take it from someone who has smoked at a young age  (Grade 8 to 11)  and quit before it became a severe addiction. If you continue consuming nicotine you'll reach a point where you wish'd you never began. My friends that continued to smoke find it close to impossible to quit now. Their mental and physical health definitely took a decline due to it over time. And not to mention all the unnecessary funds you'll waste towards the past time. Casual vaping with no nicotine isn't too bad... BUT obviously there are unknown effects and it's healthier if you didn't smoke anything at all! Best to stay away from that stuff until you're a developed adult and are able to make a more rationalized decision.

yea ik its hard to quit my dad smoke from age 36 and now he is 59 , he tried to stop but its hard .


RE: Vape Underage #12
I wouldn't recommend it since it'll cause an addiction and it'll be hard to quit, if you want to vape try to get some thc or cbd, helps way more lol.


RE: Vape Underage #13
Dude, better don't start smoking, because it is very hard to quit soon and it doesn't matter you are vaping or smoking. I had been smoking cigarettes for maybe 10 years and then I decided to qo\uit. Vaping really helped me, but if you are not smoking, do not vape! Well, I was reducing the amount of nicotine slowly and finally started to vape without nicotine. I have discovered something better. I vape now CBD vape juices which I take here

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RE: Vape Underage #14
Meh, better to avoid. Vaping is a mean to quit smoking. Why start if you don't smoke in the first place?
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RE: Vape Underage #15
(02-13-2020, 10:08 PM)Marran Wrote: Vaping is a mean to quit smoking.
This ^

A good friend of mine who was a smoker for around two decades, successfully quit via vaping. It wasn't easy, but he got there In the end.
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RE: Vape Underage #16
your brain keeps growing till i think 25 so if you start at like 16 your going to do substantial damage to your brain but its up to you i started smoking cigarettes at 15 from personal issues and im a sharp IT that can write 6 coding languages and read a lot more
We need to have a talk on the subject of what's yours and what's mine.

I am a computer and electronics tech if it has a circuit board it can be fixed.
I also own a ton of scary programs that you can have.


RE: Vape Underage #17
(02-14-2020, 10:28 PM)taylostolo Wrote: i started smoking cigarettes at 15 from personal issues

My dear friend started at the age of 14.

She's now In her mid 50s and extremely fit, both physically and health-wise. And then you hear of some people who've only smoked for a few years, and It's led to their demise. Try and make logic of that.
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