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V- bind ( multi biinder and crypter ) FREE DOWNLOAD filter_list
V- bind ( multi biinder and crypter ) FREE DOWNLOAD #1
\/-Bind 2.0

[Image: 2011_02_16_15_20_29_480x412.jpg]

\/-Bind is now not just a Multi-Binder, but also a Multi-Crypter (Scantime).
It can now bind, crypt and run ALL type of files (executable, image, text, video, music, etc.)
It encrypts files with my own Poly encryption with 2 random encryption keys.

Introducing Random Filesplit, a new FileSplit on every build. Increasing Uniqueness.


* No .NET requirement
* You can just drag and drop files to add to list.
* Bind multiple files
* Crypt multiple files
* Icon Changer with template icons grabbed straight from your shell32 dll, or a custom icon if you want.
* Supports All Filetypes
* Option to use Original Filename (useful for Images)
* Optional Dispose (Output will delete itself after running)
* 6 output extensions (*.bat, *.cmd, *.com, *.exe, *.pif, *.scr)
* Using Semi-Polymorphic Xor Encryption with a random Alphanumeric key (That's right, double randomization)
* Random Filesplit

Virus Scan:
*Probably infected*

*Probably infected*

RE: V- bind ( multi biinder and crypter ) FREE DOWNLOAD #2
Are you feeling emo or something?

For people trying to find it, here is the original thread: \/-Bind 2.0 - No .Net Crypting Multibinder [HC Official Tool]
[Image: rytwG00.png]
Redcat Revolution!

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