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filter_list [UBUNTU/DEBIAN ]Proxy Changer
[UBUNTU/DEBIAN ]Proxy Changer #1
Hello guys, This is my first actual public contribution to Linux using C++. I would like to show you my code for a proxy changing application for Debian based distributions. This is particular helpful for those distros which don't have a proxy changing application and is a faster way of changing proxy in one command in terminal, I am currently using it in my linux mint xfce. Please check it out and give some recommendation or even fork it, thank you.



RE: [UBUNTU/DEBIAN ]Proxy Changer #2
Here is the GUI version, used C++ and QTcreator for this one.



RE: [UBUNTU/DEBIAN ]Proxy Changer #3
Nice post. It would be cool to implement a public VPN or SOCKS scraper to use in conjunction with this.
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