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RE: The do's and don'ts of programming #6
(08-24-2016, 06:21 AM)phyrrus9 Wrote:
(08-23-2016, 06:21 PM)insidious15 Wrote: Be careful when you say programming is easy. I tutored Comp Sci for a while and to some it comes easy but most people know shitall about programming even after applying themselves for a semester. In fact, I'd say most don't know/can't program for shit (talking about my exp with college students) if they are not a Comp Sci major. It takes a certain patience and interest.
other than that great guide.

Maybe your tutoring was at fault? Programming in essence is just understanding structure. If you can speak any language, you can learn to program. How your brain is wired may effect which language is easier to learn, but it's fundamentally simple.

I admit, my tutoring was not the best. That, or the class was not taught in a way that the students I was tutoring would understand.
Programming is simple, following the rules of logic and discrete mathematics, although. Despite that, it requires patience and practice. Something that may be hard to come across in many people.

Football and Soccer are fundamentally simple games. Although this does not mean they are easy to excel at, many can learn the basics of these games without much effort and many do. To truly be successful, however, they require physical prowess to succeed. IE: Practice and patience. Programming, I think, is very similar. To simply learn the basics is not difficult, but to excel may be quite difficult and requires alot of both practice and patience.
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