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Python Programming [CBT Nuggets] #1
This Python video training course with Ben Finkel covers basic and advanced programming topics using the Python programming language.

Python is a platform-independent programming language developed to ease both development time and code legibility. Topics covered in this course include variables and scope, control flow, functions, object-oriented language features, unit testing, error handling, and HTTP serving.

Whether you're new to programming or new to Python, this course has a lot to offer. Python makes for a great introductory programming language due to its ease of use and full-feature set. Experienced developers can get up to speed on one of the most popular languages in use today.


Python Programming- PyQt Basics- Getting Started with PyQt - CBT Nuggets.flv28.22 MB

Python Programming- PyQt Advanced- Working with Layouts - CBT Nuggets.flv36.05 MB

Python Programming- PyQt Advanced- Handling Events - CBT Nuggets.flv28.69 MB

Python Programming- PyPI and PiP - CBT Nuggets.flv26.76 MB

Python Programming- PyQt Basics- Using Widgets - CBT Nuggets.flv34.62 MB

Python Programming- Python Basics - CBT Nuggets.flv49.71 MB

Python Programming- Virtualenv - CBT Nuggets.flv22.22 MB

Python Programming- Unit Testing - CBT Nuggets.flv21.53 MB

Python Programming- Setting up a Simple HTTP Server - CBT Nuggets.flv30.85 MB

Python Programming- Python Variables - CBT Nuggets.flv59.53 MB

Python Programming- Object Inheritance - CBT Nuggets.flv72.65 MB

Python Programming- Loops - CBT Nuggets.flv78.51 MB

Python Programming- Error Handling - CBT Nuggets.flv59.88 MB

Python Programming- Deploying Python on GCE - CBT Nuggets.flv39.81 MB

Python Programming- Connecting to SQL Databases - CBT Nuggets.flv40.02 MB

Python Programming- Collections - CBT Nuggets.flv70.71 MB

Python Programming- Functions - CBT Nuggets.flv76.54 MB

Python Programming- If...Then...Else - CBT Nuggets.flv58.74 MB

Python Programming- Introduction to Python - CBT Nuggets.flv41.46 MB

Python Programming- Installing PyQt (On Mac OS X) - CBT Nuggets.flv41.20 MB

Python Programming- Installing PyQT (On MS Windows) - CBT Nuggets.flv12.67 MB

Python Programming- Input and Output - CBT Nuggets.flv64.33 MB

Python Programming- Basic Object-Oriented Programming - CBT Nuggets.flv86.53 MB



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RE: Python Programming [CBT Nuggets] #2
Moved from the Coding forum, accordingly to Python.


RE: Python Programming [CBT Nuggets] #3
(06-08-2020, 05:58 AM)mothered Wrote: Moved from the Coding forum, accordingly to Python.

I have added a virus total link for you.


RE: Python Programming [CBT Nuggets] #4
I needed the new python course by Ben Finkle.
If someone could share the link, it would be great!


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