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Tutorial Python 3, be a paid scripting professional filter_list
Python 3, be a paid scripting professional #1
Python 3, be a paid scripting professional Production
year : 2015
Manufacturer : Udemy / Igneus Technologies
Manufacturer Website : udemy : 4:30 Type dispensed material : videos Language : English Description : Python is top most language in the scripting world. Python is fully capable of handling automation tasks as well as to further level such as data analysis, web development such as Django or even penetration testing. STARTS the basics with the All of for python. For We will of target The 3.x version of for python, the which is Entirely new branch of for python. Most people are moving towards this branch as it is purely object oriented and have been designed from scratch. According to official statement, python 3 will only be supported in the future and official site will soon discontinue the support for 2.x branch. Everyone is switching to this new python and it's a right time for you to get started.

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