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RE: Interested in a Mentorship? #31
(06-29-2018, 04:39 AM)copscalled Wrote:
(06-28-2018, 11:08 PM)Slingshot Wrote: Well, with your arrogant attitude judging from your previous thread, you don't deserve to mentor me.

So from one post, you think you are significantly superior to me.  That is complete arrogance.  If you think I don't "deserve" to mentor you that must mean you are the most fucking over cocky, bloated person I have met. Especially since this service is free.

If you have a problem with me, contact me directly.


I'm acting arrogant, because you were acting arrogant. How is that unfair?

Also, man, don't get too heated from my insults. After all, I am just some dude who was on here for only six days. Smile


RE: Interested in a Mentorship? #32
(06-29-2018, 04:41 AM)copscalled Wrote:
(06-27-2018, 10:19 AM)Mimiakira Wrote: How's your service going?

It's been doing alright, mainly just helping to INSPIRE users instead of offering handouts. With a few of members who got it for free, they genuinely want to learn, and that's great! There have been a few users who simply want handouts without doing any work. You just have to filter through it.

Inspiring users is the go. In terms of selection, it is those that have a path or desire. What you should do is, go over the people you've done your service for and see where they are at and question them.


RE: Interested in a Mentorship? #33
Hello Copscalled,
How are you doing?

A little introduction of me, to you.

I first heard about Social Engineering 3 weeks ago, I stumbled upon Sinisterly and immediately bookmarked the page, I have always been intrigued by topics relating to Hacking and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). So naturally when I came across this site, it was like I had discovered a goldmine of knowledge!

I would like to be mentored because I am curious about long term/high ticket item SE'ing. As I've mentioned before, it's been maybe 2-3 weeks that I have first heard about SE'ing (on this website), I got curious and now I am attempting SE'ing companies like BOSE, . I've photo-shopped a picture but am afraid to hand it in due to "google reverse lookup" I've found my photo-shopped picture within a minute because of the background) WHICH brings us to... Why you need to be mentored? This is one of the reasons why I need to be mentored, I don't have proper operation security setup, I don't know how to successfully SE without a dedicated phone number, what should I give companies as my number? How do I give a false name and still pick up a package being held? Just today, I picked up an SE'd package from the UPS store, without using my real name, I wouldn't have been able to pick it up. I also need mentoring because I don't know whether these companies do reverse look-ups on images, I don't know how to use Photoshop perfectly (I started learning Photoshop today and I already have a legit picture set up ready to go for Bose. I have proof, I can send it to you. I am a quick, dedicated learner who understands the risks involved and more importantly understands the precautions that have to be taken when dealing with such a snake system. I understand that the people on this board, whether they realize it or not, day in and day out, wage a silent war against this parasitic, manipulative system that is built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the average citizen.

I have tonnes of research gained regarding SE'ing in the past 3 weeks. Along with actual SE experience gained within the last 3 weeks, So far I have successfully SE'd Logitech G 933 headphones, SE'd Purina Dog Food ($60 check), Mangroomer $50 ultimate trimmer (as a first actual try). None of these items are worth our while though, are they? No, they are not. However, I do understand that things take time and for me, this thing hasn't taken much time at all because I CRAVE more knowledge. I hate all these sentences starting with "I this.." or "I that..." but the question is of such a nature, and that's why I must stop typing about myself.
If you're interested in mentoring me, I'm extremely serious in getting mentored by you. Shoot me a personal message,
Thank you,
Best Wishes,
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RE: Interested in a Mentorship? #34
1. Why you would like to be mentored
I would love to be mentored by a pro such as yourself for 2 reasons, learning how SE actual works and personal use from SE products. The whole thing is curious to me, I see huge companies just essentially "giving" away replacements for little to no information.
2. Why you need to be mentored
I know most of the methods, but don't know how to apply them. I'm kind of scared if you will of repercussions but have had someone refund 2 macbooks for me from Apple which seems pretty easy so far.
3. What can you show me that proves to me that you are dedicated.
I will put in the work, do tasks for you, as long as I have you to guide the way I am fully and completely dedicated.


RE: Interested in a Mentorship? #35
IMHO $50 dollars sounds like a lot for mentoring in E-whoring SE. Well who am i to judge. Unless you've used your victims as proxies in laundering thousands of dollars, i'll pass. GLWS Wink
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