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filter_list Tutorial Interested in a Mentorship?
RE: Interested in a Mentorship? #11
1. Why you would like to be mentored
I would like to be mentored because I’m still new to this social engineering thing however I do know a little about Se’ing such as sending corrupted files to prevent sending pictures and faking receipts also to get used/get good at this I’ve purchased Skryptec’s Dashboard and using that I’ve SE’d Fugoo and DazzlePro. I want learn how to SE something better that I could sell for some extra £££.
2. Why you need to be mentored
Gain knowledge and prevent this happening to me or any company that I might work later in life and just gain little money while doing and try not get caught by the feds or get billed. Also maybe if you mentor me later on I can help others and try and mentor them.
3. What can you show me that proves to me that you are dedicated.
I can show you that I’m dedicated by giving you respect for mentoring me and give everything you tell me a go, that’s what it’s all about right giving it a go and expect a good outcome and if the outcome isn’t what you expected you improvise and get what you wanted.


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