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Tutorial Get OpenBullet Clean Version filter_list
Get OpenBullet Clean Version #1
The first step is downloading visual studio (or any c# ide).

You can download the visual studio community version which is also free:

In the installation you have to select ".NET dektop development" like this:

[Image: zxfSQL4.png]

After the installation is complete, open visual studio and click Clone or check out code:

[Image: edcb65H.png]

Now we need to official OpenBullet repository, to access if you can go to:

To download the code paste this on the Repository location:

Congratulations! Now you have the official code of OpenBullet!
The next step is to open the solution and compile the code to get the executable!
To do this, change to tab Solution Explorer and then double click on OpenBullet.sln:

[Image: m2MkwF7.png]

Now you can see all files, if you want to learn how to code you can start here as well [Image: tongue.png]!
Lets build the executable, change the configuration to release and build the solution, due to a bug you will have to build each project separately, right lick on the project and choose build, first the RuriLib, then OpenBulletCLI and finally OpenBullet:

[Image: QheK2ZV.png]

If you get a "chmod error", just try to build it again.
If all succeed you are good to go! Just go to the project solution folder, on the folder OpenBullet\bin\Release!
A quicker way to go ther is:
[Image: 0dI7rMz.png]

And there you go:
[Image: cflrlig.png]

If you guys want more tutorials like this let me know!

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RE: Get OpenBullet Clean Version #2
A very well documented and Illustrated tutorial.

It's on my to do list.
[Image: AD83g1A.png]


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