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filter_list Tutorial Free Games
RE: Free Games #11
for some reason it doesnt work anymore. Even tried putting a wildcard ( * ) after the url on the script.

// @match*


RE: Free Games #12
Any update? Is it gonna work again?


RE: Free Games #13
(06-12-2019, 07:45 AM)YoBigTime Wrote: Any update? Is it gonna work again?

OP ain't been online for over a month. Better off making a thread and asking others for help. Unless you willing to wait on kaz to come back thats if kaz does.
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RE: Free Games #14
(06-12-2019, 07:45 AM)YoBigTime Wrote: Any update? Is it gonna work again?

If you're looking for cracked games and don't mind them not being on Steam, just go to igg-games. I've been downloading from them for years and never had a problen with viruses. And they have thousands of games uploaded.
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RE: Free Games #15
No, i meant I wanna get games on Steam for free.. gta v , lol rp , wow subs , etc...


RE: Free Games #16
(01-11-2019, 09:43 PM)kaz Wrote: TuTORIAL :

First register here :
then Add the TamperMonkey plugin (Avaible for most browsers) and add+enable the scripts below.

Neuw script :
**/ Go to Earn Coins > Watch Videos for automation. Just please, I can't stress enough to say, don't touch anything now.
NO, DO NOT CLICK PLAY ON THE VIDEO. After a few minutes, you should see your coins increasing
(You don't need to start the video, it automatically starts in the background, except you don't see the video playing)
**/ For An Easy Extra 500-1000 coins, Go to Earn Coins > Offerwalls and click on all of the Ebonus Missions,
and just close them right after to get the coins! Also, open the starter Ebonus crate for an extra 100 coins!

Idk , might try this out but I dont like the advertisments
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