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Tutorial FREE AMAZON ITEMS | Amazon Master Guide & Refund Methods (REFUND ITEMS UP TO $800) filter_list
FREE AMAZON ITEMS | Amazon Master Guide & Refund Methods (REFUND ITEMS UP TO $800) #1
Hello.  I am selling two PDF documents, an Amazon master guide, and Amazon refund methods, for $30.

These documents are social engineering at its finest. The Amazon refund methods documents includes: eight seperate refund methods, insights and advice. The Amazon master guide also has eight sections: slightly brushing up on the refund methods, double/triple dipping, how to crush investigations and a few more. Using this method, you can refund items worth up to $800, with a low possibility of Amazon opening an investigation. (The higher the price, the higher the likelyhood of an investigation being opened up, but not to worry, you'll know how to crush that  Wink )

If you are interested in purchasing, please private message me and I will give you details on how to send payment. I accept only PayPal. I will send you the documents to an email of your choosing, once the payment has been sent. Please only purchase off of me if you are sure that you want these documents, as I cannot issue a refund once I have sent them.

I understand that I am a new and unknown user. You may find it difficult to believe what I am saying and to trust me, but I can assure you, I am not scammer scum. Scamming goes completely against my morals, (I know it is ironic, me selling these documents), but I'm just trying to help a man out here.


#1. I did NOT create these documents. I purchased them myself off of a close friend, and have their permission to sell them on.
#2. If you are a purchaser of these documents, keep them to yourself! Do not share them online, as you would be a fool to give others for free what you have paid for!
#3. Before rushing into refunding someting, make sure you read both documents, in full, very, very carefully. Be active in your reading and be critical. How can you use this knowledge to be the best SE'er you can be?

I hope you will consider purchasing this knowledge off of me; it is truly a worthwile investment. If you have any questions, please post them below. I will try my best to check this post regularly. Have a good day, and happy refunding!  Wink2
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