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Enable Alerts #1
I didn't want to make an announcement, as nothing has changed. A bunch of people have complained that the alert system is broken. It's not. You just need to re-enable your alerts. I cleared the configurations and all alerts, as the database was becoming increasingly large. There's no reason to have alerts for people that don't check them.

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RE: Enable Alerts #2
User CP > Alert Settings > check all boxes
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there's never not not nuttin

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RE: Enable Alerts #3
I have to do this daily. Is there a permenant fix? It's quite annoying.

RE: Enable Alerts #4
Thanks. It was hard to keep track of quotes without the alert system.

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RE: Enable Alerts #5
Thanks Oni, was getting quite annoying to keep track of everything.
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RE: Enable Alerts #6
It's not broken for me. Those people probably had a bad browser configuration.

RE: Enable Alerts #7
Works fine for me, but thanks for the heads up.

RE: Enable Alerts #8
Thanks for the update guys.

RE: Enable Alerts #9
Thanks for the help, it worked for me

RE: Enable Alerts #10
Can I please remind you all - This thread is from 2014. Clearly, this is no longer relevant.
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