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[TuT] Kasperky License Forever #1
This tutorial will explain how to use kaspersky forever without key or activation code.

The method we are going to use is resetting the PCID, so that each time kaspersky thinks its a new computer and gives us a month of fully functional and upgradable trial.

SO the method is as explained below :-
1) First of all delete the existing key if you have.

2) Goto Setting, then select Option, Uncheck the "Enable Self Defense" and click OK.

3) Now right-click the kaspersky icon from taskbar and click on "Exit".

4) You will get a promt like this . Click "Yes".

5) Now goto run and type in "regedit".


7) Now in the right hand side you can see PCID. Double click it and change the last two values before the flower bracket and click ok.
eg:- The last two values are "D7"... So i change it to "F9"...

8) Now open kaspersky again and you will see this.

9) Select "Activate Trial License" and click next.

10) Now enable Self-Defence and you are good to go.
can somebody move this thread to white hat forum..............

I was actually writing a thread with a link to a lot of hacking tools .. but the link is dead so i tried to delete this thread but i couldn't so i edited it to this so that it would not be a complete waste


RE: [TuT] Kasperky License Forever #2
Ah thanks I will try this now Biggrin
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