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filter_list The ever-lasting competitive grind of Overwatch
The ever-lasting competitive grind of Overwatch #1
I love Overwatch. I pre-ordered it and I've played it consistently since launch. Apart from a few small week long breaks from the game, I've never really differed from it to go to another game. As a result, I've gotten really good at it and back in season 5 I hit Master rank. But since hitting Master, I feel like competitive is more grindy than ever. I am by no means a grandmaster player. When I get grandmaster games, I can merely sustain my position in the team, rather than making any difference to the outcome of the match. Due to this, I've been stuck in Master for every season since 5. I've never dropped back into Diamond and I've never hit Grandmaster. Every season my average SR goes up a little bit, but it has changed from going up 100 per season to 50, then to 25. It's just getting boring at this point.

Frankly, I think I've plateaued. I'm not motivated enough to get coaching or do heaps of self-improvement, because I don't find that fun. The game that I used to enjoy is, well, exactly the same as it was before. It hasn't particularly differed for 4 seasons. Especially since I live in Australia, I even keep getting the same players over and over, unless I queue mid week-day which is when I'll get Diamonds or even Plats.

TL; DR Competitive is getting boring because my skill level isn't changing, there's no difference between one game and the next and I'm not enjoying games as much if I know in the end I will still remain the rank I am.

Anyone else feeling the strain of the competitive grind?
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