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The Fun and Unique World of Nintendo Consoles #1
When it comes to console gaming, Nintendo has always been in a league of its own. From the classic NES to the modern Nintendo Switch, Nintendo consoles have introduced us to some of the most iconic characters and creative worlds in the gaming industry.

What makes Nintendo consoles so unique? For starters, there's the innovation - from the introduction of the handheld Game Boy to the motion controls of the Wii, Nintendo has always pushed boundaries with its hardware and features.

Of course, it's also the games - Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Metroid, and many other franchises that are synonymous with gaming are exclusive to Nintendo consoles. And with every new console release, we're treated to fresh experiences and familiar faces alike.

So, let's hear it - what are your favorite Nintendo console games and features? From the original Super Mario Bros. to the latest Animal Crossing, share your favorite Nintendo gaming experiences and why Nintendo has played such an important role in your gaming journey. Biggrin Biggrin


RE: The Fun and Unique World of Nintendo Consoles #2
First game I owned was Pokemon Yellow on the GBC. Wasn't lucky enough to have an N64, but always played Pokemon Stadium/Smash Bros on my friend's.

Since then I've had most of Nintendo's consoles, modded/flashcarted where possible. Last game I played was Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
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RE: The Fun and Unique World of Nintendo Consoles #3
The gamecube had a whole lot of accessories that could be tacked onto it. As a kid, we always traveled with our gamecube, but it would have been sick to have one of those attachable screens.


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