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filter_list Streamer "Dr. Disrespect" Has House Shot At
Streamer "Dr. Disrespect" Has House Shot At #1
Someone supposedly shot at Dr. Disrespect's house with a BB gun while he was streaming, at which point the stream was ended. Despite the fact he wasn't harmed, many Twitch streamers are now in fear.

Quote:While streaming on Twitch today, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm suddenly got up and walked off camera for a minute. When he returned, he told viewers he was ending his stream for the day because someone had just shot at his house.

The popular streamer, known for playing (and sometimes over-playing) the character of a hyper-competitive, semi-toxic gamer, returned sans his trademark wig and sunglasses. He appeared shaken.

“I gotta end the broadcast right now,” he said. “Somebody shot at our house, broke the fucking upstairs window. This is the second shot. Someone shot yesterday. Someone shot yesterday at our fucking house, and someone shot again right now. It connected with the house upstairs, right? You’re driving by, right? You pussy! I gotta stop the stream.”

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RE: Streamer "Dr. Disrespect" Has House Shot At #2
Damn. BB gun or not, that is ridiculous. There is, of course, the chance this is a publicity thing, but unlikely. He's rather famous, and I can't see it being all too difficult for someone to do this kind of thing. However, it's just sad. Especially if it's a BB gun.
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